Software Development Solutions
Applications are constantly evolving, and enterprises need to stay on top of the best functionalities. Stay competitive. Our Solutions provides business-oriented tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and a lot more!

eGovernment Integrated System


BPLTAS – Business Permit and License Tax Administration System

TOIMS – Treasury Operation and Income
Monitoring System

RPTAS – Real Property Tax Administration System

Unified Information System

BIMS – Barangay Information Management System – Can use also with Municipality, City & Provincial

Security Systems

SIMS – Security Incident Management System

AMS – Apprehension Management System

DEIMS – Data Encryption Integration Management Software


Asset Mangement


Payment Gateway

HRIS - Human Resource Information System


Health Status Checker and Data Entry

With our ongoing fight against COVID-19 pandemic we created this application for us to be aware and cautious of the danger intended for general well-being and information purposes in the current environment.

Customized Systems

We can also do custom-made solutions for you.

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